Outdoor 10 mm SMD | CREE diode

Panasonic D10

Module size 1280 mm x 960 mm
Available stock 250 sqm
Type of application Giant screen, banner
This product is manufactured with high quality materials and components.
It is equipped with the American CREE diodes, whose encapsulation was made by Panasonic Japan, which is first and foremost a guarantee of quality.

Originally made for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, it features a thermal heating and cooling system and therefore keeps the electronic system dry and at the right temperature under all weather conditions.

Its packaging of electronic components guarantees its long service life.

The Panasonic processor is powerful and suitable for even the most demanding applications and is able to provide very high quality images up to 31 bits.

This product includes a diode protection which helps increase the contrast, maintains LEDs in good condition and is thus well suited for outdoor use and particularly as LED perimeter displays.

Please note that this equipment in its “LED perimeter display” application is sold without its foam upper protection and its feet.
These parts can be easily integrated in existing installations by the buyer.